Armada Shift Binding

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Inbounds, outbounds…. Armada’s Shift MNC 10 Ski Binding knows no bounds. It’s choice for skiers who’ll ride backcountry before the resort opens and finishes the day off with a few chairlift rides. There are only a few ski bindings like this one that can shift from standard alpine boots to tech-fitted backcountry boots. In fact, it requires tech boots for the skin up, and an alpine toe is necessary for the downhill. Multi Norm Certified, this binding’s toe height adjusts to accommodate standard alpine, WTR, tech, AT, and GripWalk soles. In alpine mode, the Shift provides reliable DIN release ratings as well as a sliding toe pedal with elastic travel to release when necessary, and still retain some rigidity when you’re laying down a fierce line.

Product Details

  • Ski binding shifts from resort to backcountry riding with ease
  • Multi Norm Certified for tech, AT, and standard alpine boots
  • DIN holds a reliable release rating of thirteen
  • Adjustable toe height switches from standard to WTR and GripWalk
  • Carbon-infused construction ensures rigidity without much weight
  • Sliding toe pedal with elastic travel for reliable releases
  • Self-retracting freeski brakes stay out of the way when not needed

Tech Specs

carbon-infused PA
Release Rating
4 - 10
Brake Width
90, 100, 110, 120mm
Safety Features
elastic travel
Stand Height
Heel Elevators
2° 10°
1lb 14oz
all-mountain, backcountry