Are you a procrastinator?
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Procrastinate-1. To defer action; delay 2. To put off until another day or time. 

Procratinator-1.  A person who puts off or delays action

Skiers know that October is that transitional month between the dog days of summer and the beginning of winter.  What serious skiers also know is that October is the perfect month to take care of all of those ski chores before the onslaught of winter enthusiasts who react only when the first flakes fly.  Here are some helpful reminders of “ski chores” to check off your list in October so you are ready to hit the slopes on opening day:

1.  Lease Now for the Season-If you, your friends, or family haven’t been sized up yet for season lease packages, don’t wait!  Lease equipment packages are limited and you want to make sure you get the best gear available to use for the season.  The leasing process goes very smoothly until there is a line of folks waiting for help, equipment is picked over, and the turnaround time in the shop gets longer.  Make it easy on yourself and plan an outing to Greenwood’s today! 

2.  Tuning/Mounting-Whether you have new gear that needs to be mounted, tuned up and readied for the slopes or older gear in need of some attention, you’ll save yourself some stress if you get it to the Ski Haus before the BBSEF Ski SWAP (Oct. 30-Nov. 2).  Once the SWAP rolls around, our shop guys become buried in gear needing their expertise!  The turnaround time in the shop is much shorter now than it will be after the first night SWAP shoppers drop off their gear.  Besides, your experience at the front counter will be much more pleasant if you aren’t in the middle of the mayhem that ensues by November. 

3.  Clothing Care and Treatment-If your ski togs didn’t make it into the wash tub last spring, pull them out and give them a quick once over.  Laundering with a non-detergent cleaner will help maintain the weatherproofing applied by the manufacturer and retreating will help restore the fabric finish on clothing that has seen a lot of slope time.  Nikwax has many good products available for cleaning and treating a variety of fabrics.  Stop in the Ski Haus and ask for assistance in choosing the best Nikwax product for your garments.  If any repairs are needed, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to take care of that now.   

4.  Get in Shape-Physically & Mentally-There are many pre season conditioning classes offered throughout the fall to help you get into shape physically for the winter season.  Check with your local health club for options.  Buddy up with a partner who will help motivate you and keep you accountable for showing up regularly.   As for the mental part of it, stop by Greenwood’s and pick up a copy of the “Snow Lovers Calendar”. We’ve compiled a list of classes, movie premieres, and other events that will whet your appetite and get you excited and mentally ready to carve up the corduroy and schuss the pow!   

So, if you have known the frustration from procrastinating about your ski chores, turn over a new leaf!  You’ll be happy you did when you get first tracks!

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