Greenwoods Ski Haus

Spend some time in this neck of the woods and you’ll become well acquainted with the Greenwood’s Ski Haus difference: our heritage, our people, and a great location that’s as much a gathering place as it is a store.

Read the history below and you’ll get a feel for our tradition of service, which goes all the way back to 1957 when Bob Greenwood opened his first store on State Street.  An avalanche of history, a bunch of fun people, and a store that’s the gateway to Bogus — it’s all here.


The year was 1957. Eisenhower was president. The Bridge Over the River Kwai was playing in theaters. Alpine skis were long, boots were leather, and bindings left something to be desired.

It’s been more than five decades since Bob Greenwood opened “Bob’s Ski Haus” on State Street, and we’ve seen a lot since then: The graduated length method (GLM) of skiing. The first all-plastic buckle boots from Lange. Spademan bindings. Jean-Claude Killy. Shaped skis, skate skis, twin-tips, and an amazing breadth of fashion that’s fun to think about — from wool knickers to the most form-fitting of ski pants.

We’ve moved locations three times over the years: from the original State Street store to an A-frame on Bogus Basin Road (still there, just across the street) to the current location in 1978. And our “Ownership Hall of Fame” counts a number of folks you probably know, starting with Bob Greenwood and including, at different points in time, Jim Brandon, Harry Clark, John Greenwood, and Bill Tregoning. Carrie Gochnour became a partner with Bill and John in 1995. The next chapter began in 2002, when Carrie and Jeff Lewerenz, former hardgoods manager, became the owners of Greenwood’s, allowing Bill and John to spend more time with their families.  The start of 2018 brought a few more changes once again to Greenwoods, with Jeff being joined by Michele Lewerenz as the softgoods buyer and co-owner.

Even with all of the changes that have occurred in the ski industry over the years, one thing has remained constant: our commitment as Boise’s only ski specialty store, carrying the best brands and striving to provide the best service. That’s why generations of families have come to trust us with their business — it isn’t unusual to see grandparents and grandchildren in the store at the same time, both excited about the prospect of skiing.

Oh, there’s something else that hasn’t changed — you can often find Bob Greenwood in the store, mornings before he heads up to Bogus, having a cup of coffee and talking about — you guessed it — skiing.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued business over the years. We appreciate it, and look forward to serving you well into the future. Thank you for being part of our family!

Jeff & Michele Lewerenz – Owners
Greenwood’s Ski Haus

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